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Tue, Jun. 28th, 2005, 07:15 pm
poet_demas: Endless Tunnel Buried deep inside my soul....blood spews....

.....cuts wound the bend, blood. More hate than love. you must love in order to hate. Darkness. Beings left behind by a faceless god of misdeeds. Bombs bursting in air...Iraqi children dying below...'DEMOCRACY AT ITS BEST!!!!' shouts the Empire. We watched in closed homes...doors shut so the AC doesn't cool the whole neighborhood. Big brother's leg stays in foreign lands. I bust. I break. I shatter. I held on for so long and now the arm must come off. I begged to be shot when they found me. Lying there underneath all those stones. Why do we continue to live for? We've been lied to. We are lied to everyday. Mr. Man with his tophat gun slinger around his waist, blue blooded my ass. Jen, I miss you. I miss you dearly.